Virtual Reality Experience, 45 Minutes


»Silent Disco« is a virtual reality experience in which viewers become part of a performance while watching three stereoscopic VR short films. The tension between the virtual party scenes of the three VR films and the physically tangible performance situation among the viewers in a kind of club plays a key role. The view from the outside reveals that although the seemingly isolated viewers are at different virtual parties, they are part of a shared physical party.
The first film takes the viewers into a mixture of club and elevator on the way down. Together with the other curious party guests, the viewers dance in an apocalyptic atmosphere on their way to the underworld. The second film inverts the voyeuristic gaze typical of cinema: The participants find themselves on a small round stage in an atmospheric strip club. How do the viewers relate to the room and the guests present? In the third black-and-white VR film, the viewers find themselves in a dark, abstract room. A self-playing piano and a fiddling Death provide the background music for a folkloric dance of death.

Project Details

Production Serkalo Filmproduktion
Co-Production Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts
Funding Experimente#Digital, Aventis Foundation
Funding Sponsorship, ARRI Rental
Genre Virtual Reality Experience
Production Year 2023
Country of Production Germany
Premiere Pending
Image Stereo VR (3D), 8k, Rec 709, 50fps, Prores 4444
Sound 3rd Order Ambisonics & Two Big Ears
Camera Canon R5C & Qoocam 8k Enterprise
More Project Details Crew United
We are standing in an elevator, the ceiling light of which is bathed in a gradient of green, orange, and magenta. In front of us is a wild party crowd. A young woman stands directly opposite and raves by raising her arm. A tall man wears VR glasses. A woman standing on the right wears an animal mask. In total, there are about 10 people dancing to the techno beat.


Director & Screenplay Fabio Thieme
Director of Photography / Cinematographer Johannes Schmülling
Producer Fabio Thieme
Co-Producer Johannes Schmülling
Gaffer Jakob Schleiter
Production Designer Pertti Hagelstein
Film Editor & Colorist Johannes Schmülling
Dramaturge Mona Schlatter
Costume Designer Julia Tannenberg
Costume Designer Sílvia Sousa
Makeup Artist Esther Grüne
Composer Yannick Pernot
Sound & Sound Design István Hollós
Production Manager Meike Gröne
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1st Camera Assistant Teresa Maráková
Still Photographer Pia Henkel
Still Photographer Sulamita Wiener
Best Girl Helena Köppen
Lighting Master Bodo Gottschalk
Light Board Operator David Hesse
Light Board Operator Aljoscha Dakic
Lighting Technician Mayar Arattia
1st Assistant Director Rosalie Müller
Production Design Assistant Stefan Fröhlich
Costume Assistant Hannah Sheridan
Makeup Artist Hanna Demidova
Makeup Artist Lilith Franz
Production Assistant Famil Aghakishiyev
Set Manager Assistant Lena Freitag
Set Manager Assistant Daria Sachli
Choreographer Tim Winter


Charon [LR] Ikko Masuda
Pole Dancer [LR] Marianne Rödiger
Violinist [LR] Craig Judelman
Guitarist [LR] Jack B. Latimer
Puppeteer [LR] Hanic Soleimani
Skeleton / Business Lady [SR] Lydia Makeba Sell
Dancer / Club Guest [SR] Detlef Krüger
Lion / Dancer [SR] Naomi Heyman
Lady [BP] Karin Mühlhoff
Dogman [BP] Louis Spaletta
Mouse [BP] Malou Hauser
Skeleton [BP] Mia Helena Jacob
Pizzaguy [BP] Johannes Klein
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Raver [BP] Gloria Berlino
Bird [BP] Pauline Walliser
Raver [BP] Alexander Cocotas
VR Viewer [BP] Louis Wiener
Raver [BP] Dagmar Hunzinger
Photoboy [BP] Amir Naghavi
Doctor [BP] Famil Aghakishiyev
Vodkaman [BP] Kai Wilker
Kyllian [BP] Demian
Delivery Girl [BP] Bruna Badenes
Skeleton [BP] Ole Lerche
Club Guest [BP] Harriet Schulz
Club Guest [BP] Mandy Huch
Club Guest [BP] Lisa Bolten
Dancer [BP] Sophie Drinda
Club Guest [BP] Mandytory Lan
Skeleton [BP] Melissa Harrison
Dancer [BP] Carl Friedrich Loschke

Screenings & Awards

»Silent Disco« is completed and awaiting its world premiere.

We are in a strip club. On the first floor, which juts out into the room like a plateau, stands a man wearing VR glasses and dancing to the beat. His floor is bathed in magenta light. Curtains make the plateau feel cozy. From the left, spotlights cast bluish light into the club. On the wall is a drawing of a half-naked woman. In front of the plateau hangs a disco ball that is not illuminated.