TV Commercial, 1 Minute


It's love at first sight when shy Louis and her meet for the first time in a vintage store. A romance ensues: from the first date in the skate park, to a tandem ride on the Kudamm, the first movie night, the first sex and finally his marriage proposal. But Louis' idea of an interpersonal romance turns out to be very special ...
Can it get any better? Yes, that's what the dating app is for!

Project Details

Production Schmülling & Kämmerer
Funding Sponsorship ARRI Rental
Genre Advertisement
Production Year 2021
Country of Production Germany
Premiere Online
Image ProRes 4444; DCI-P3; 4K; 2:1; 25fps
Sound Dolby Stereo
Camera ARRI Alexa Mini & ARRI Master Primes
More Project Details Crew United
Louis (Benjamin Lillie) dives into a greenish pool like a bird. The air bubbles created illuminate red.


Director Gordon Kämmerer
Director of Photography / Cinematographer Johannes Schmülling
Producers Gordon Kämmerer & Johannes Schmülling
Production Design Fiona Klett
Film Editor Tabea Hannapel, BFS
Screenplay Gordon Kämmerer
Gaffer Leander Büge
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1st Assistant Director Timo Hastenpflug
Best Boy Benjamin Wennemann
1st Camera Assistant Karl Wagner
2nd Camera Assistant Jannis Tiedemann
Catering Juliane Kaufmann
Technical Sponsorship Coordination Andrea Rosenwirth


Louis [L] Benjamin Lillie

Screenings & Awards

»True Romance« was released in 2021. The commercial was not submitted to any advertising film festival.

A young man (Benjamin Lillie) kneels and opens a ring box. He is dressed in reddish-brown. Next to him is a green fence. He looks expectantly at the camera, waiting for her to say yes in the TV commercial »True Romance«.