Short Film, 4 minutes


In the gloomy setting of a dance studio, hitman “K” prepares for his last job before retiring. He meets a young dancer who is rehearsing his choreography. As “K” prepares to carry out the job, the dancer increasingly becomes his mirror image. The boundaries between killer and empathetic person become blurred ...

Project Details

Production ifs internationale filmschule köln GmbH
Funding N/A
Genre Action / Drama
Production Year 2017
Production Country Germany
Premiere 4th International Short Film Festival Pune, 2019
Picture Prores 4444; DCI-P3; 4K; 2:1; 25fps
Sound Stereo
Camera Panasonic DVX-200
More Project Details Crew United
A young man dances in the middle of a spotlight. His torso is on his thighs and his knees are bent. His arms are outstretched like a swan. A Bluetooth speaker can be seen in the background.


Director Antonia Uhl
Director of Photography / Cinematographer Johannes Schmülling
Film Editor Lukas Sydney Loßdörfer
Composer Johannes Karst
Screenwriter Antonia Uhl
Gaffer Pasindu Goldmann
1st Camera Assistant Leander Büge
1st Assistant Director Niva Ehrlich
1st Assistant Director Laurenz Otto


Dancer [LR] Carl Bruchhäuser
K [LR] Karl Bruchhäuser

Screenings & Awards

»Blinddate« premiered at the 4th International Short Film Festival in Pune, India in December 2019. The film was nominated for the Blaue Blume Award by Sky Deutschland in 2018.

Laurel of the Sky Blaue Blume Nomination from 2018.
Laurel of the 4th International Short Film Festival Pune, India 2019
Laurel for the Cine Maniacs Film Festival
In the center of the image, a dancer is seen performing a jump. His right leg is slightly in the air, with his left leg he steps forward. His torso is slightly leaned back. In the background, there seems to be a light source that casts a spotlight on the floor of the otherwise dark room. The silhouette of a gun is visible in the left foreground. Graphically, it looks like the gun is aimed at the young man.